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City of Gods Shop, located at 1118 Hollins street in downtown Baltimore, has been creating sophisticated apparel for style conscious men and women since 2009. Their “congregation” also known as followers, admire the creative designs and cut and sew garments that are released and produced daily. Many say City of Gods Shop has it all, sophisticated urban apparel, loyal followers, and weekly live performances. Our hugely popular brands produced by City of Gods Shop are Compete Culture -TM and Good Life -TM. More than anything, these brands represent people who have a champion vision and enjoy life. They offer a look that is has top notch designs and concepts for style savvy men and women.

City of Gods supports established as well as upcoming local artists in the DMV (Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia ). Anyone who dares to follow his or her dream is also supported by City of Gods making individuals wearing this brand automatically apart of the “C.O.G Family”. We feel confident knowing the customer has a superior garment that represents their own personal movement; a different mindset.

The ultimate mission is to design superior garments that represent our culture and lifestyle to driven people in whatever city they may reside around the world. It’s for fashionable people that know they have the creative power to influence the environment around them. We believe life is short so why not be a God!



Events and Operations
Frazier also known as "Fraze" has a long history of knowing street fashion and culture growing up in New York City in the 80's. He proclaims to be a teacher/ student and his job is to spread the City of Gods brand philosophy (gospel) and pair it with the customers and other brands.
Creative Director and Designer
Idris known as E, has been designing everything from architecture to sketching since childhood but in the last 10 years its been graphic designing for clothing. He is head of the design and production for City of Gods.
Community Relations and Store Manager
Mashari has been in the apparel business for 15 years and is one of the most popular personalities in the City of Gods (universe) . He has his ear on the street culture, street politics and style. He's considered a real OG (original god) by our congregation .