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Devin Allen was visited by Vice media  at the city of gods shop. Vice came to see how Devin started out an amateur photographer and how it catapulted his photograph being on the cover of Time magazine. He has always had a home and later used his talent to collaborate with the city of gods. More importantly, we consider him a part of the family. Devin has taught himself how to master the camera . It has paid off because since the Baltimore uprising of April 2015, he has gone on to highlight the  oppression and poverty in Baltimore through his lens. He’s able to capture moments that become timeless and his imagery as shown Baltimore to the world. Numerous  mentions from Beyonce to Rihanna also being interviewed with more than 40 news networks around the world. He’s also shooting an upcoming project with Under Armour and Stephan Curry in Japan. City of gods shop believes in greatness and that greatness pays off when you believe in yourself and God. His life has transformed in a matter of hours because of this belief! In time, Devin will prove  gods (greatness) never dies , but can  live on through timeless  works!

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