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Team City of Gods is a team formed by the City of God’s apparel store 1118 Hollins St Baltimore ,Maryland and Joe Connelly the founder who recruited ex NBA player and current international players in a tournament that pays 1 million dollars to the winner. The tournament started on July 17 in Philadelphia but the propaganda has been created long before then. Joe Connelly, who’s claim to fame came through working with the best talent in Baltimore for the last two decades came to the City of Gods to collaborate on creating a team that could play in a tournament for $1,000,000. Because of his rep and long history in basketball and our rep as one of the premier apparel brands in the DMV, we knew that the brand represents something greater then sports and clothing alone. So the name was fitting because it represents striving for greatness in both fields. Once the team was assembled and carefully put together, the team started practicing and rekindling auld lang relationships. City of gods went to the practice at the University of Maryland College Park home in the Terps to watch the chemistry in action. Checking out the roster ,we have some of the most experienced players in the tournament of of 97 teams. It’s no accident that the city of gods now in week 3 will have a chance to win a million dollars in New York City at Fordham University for the final four games. Two wins away from 1 million dollars is exciting for everybody and energy and buzz is unreal! Check out www. the tournament . com as well as the game on ESPN on Saturday August 1st at 5 p.m.

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