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In early June, twitter was bombarded by tweets with the hashtag #NewBaltimore.  Most were confused about exactly what it was and who had began the movement. Many controversial tweets regarding Baltimore’s emerging music talent scene surfaced as those who went to see unity within the city, rallied together against those attempting to spew negative energy into the universe prior to an actual date being set! Steadily trending on local Twitter feeds throughout the month of June, #NewBaltimore rapidly gained attention of a multitude of in and out-of-state music lovers. Up-and-coming artist OG Dutchmaster, well known photographer Chad Wilkerson & The CornerStore’s third pillar leg Akhi Da Great who seemingly serves as the intelligible voice of the trio collectively called, The CornerStore, curated this marvelous indoor music festival envisioning shedding a positive light on Baltimore’s rap scene.

Presenting some familiar names such as Al Da Great, who’s performed multiple times and has a large following, shared the stage with lesser known local artists such as Gallo and Moe McKoy. They have not performed for huge gatherings of people, However this has given them the opportunity to truly get a feel of what its like to see their craft be experienced at a different level.

Mixed reviews about the actual venue and the actual amount of people that came to support the event was a surprise to quite a few, including the events curators who openly expressed that they didn’t think their city supported its own enough; however they were wrong. There were also clans opposing The CornerStore’s success, blasting many tweets stating #NewBaltimore “wasn’t the wave”, for that highly anticipated weekend. The vast amount of festival goers caused the audience to spill out from the performance area to outside of the actual venue. The tsunami of music lovers proved that supportive people truly do want to see their peers and other creative artists excel far past the city’s limits.

Although, the event ended up being shut down early due to Baltimore Police, it was a non-violent, positive, and peaceful event.  Our city needs more events that unify and build up our community.  In the midst of a dangerous, hot summer, these guys set The Broom Factory ablaze with #NewBaltimore, hopefully there’s a Part Two next year! At City of Gods, we would like to commend The CornerStore on the success of their event, and will continue to support all of our cities positive movements as they are truly apart of and represent the “Good to Gods” mindset.

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